DL DECOR operates in the classic and traditional style furniture sector from the mid-1900s. For the product realization, the company carries out a careful selection of materials in the highest quality, with different types of woods to create carvings and polychrome wooden pieces for precious inlays; but the focus is also on all other facets of production, such as decorative elements and unique patinas exclusively made by hand and finished with shellac and wax, a testimony of continuity with the past that is evermore present.



The wood carver chooses the precise tool and starts to carve, to dig, to create art forms that can transform wood into something quite unique. These techniques seem ancient, more so than modern, but somehow when the detailed art of handcarved masterpiece is appreciated – this only confirms that no machine or modern technology can substitute the detailing, creativity and expertise of the craftsman.



Inlay design is a traditional technique that consists of inserting decorative elements into the surfaces of furniture. Skillfully combining small pieces of hand-perforated timber, which before being used undergo a burning process (to give the material contrasting shades).
Piece by piece slowly the decorative elements begin to take shape, thanks to the patience and the skillful artistry of master craftsmen.



At DL DECOR passion drives us to create furniture that imitates an object of art destined to last a lifetime. A furniture piece with an antique flair that is only accomplished by the technique of gold or silver leaf finishing.